Driving While Suspended

Defending You Against Severe License Suspension Consequences

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you may not drive under any circumstances. In New Jersey, a restricted driver’s license does not exist, so if your license is suspended, you must rely on others or public transportation to get from place to place. This may certainly present challenges in your daily life, prompting the temptation to drive with a suspended license.

If you are caught driving with a suspended license, it is important that you call a Monmouth County traffic violation lawyer at Goldstein Law Group immediately. Two of our attorneys formerly practiced municipal court law, making them well-versed in NJ traffic violation law and how to protect people in similar situations. The consequences associated with driving with a suspended license are very serious, and the NJ attorneys at Goldstein Law Group are prepared to fight for your cause.

Why should I seek legal counsel from Goldstein Law Group if I was caught driving with a suspended NJ driver’s license?

  • There are serious legal consequences associated with driving without a driver’s license.
  • The lawyers at Goldstein Law Group have extensive municipal court experience and are familiar with the best strategies to minimize your potential consequences.
  • Our Monmouth County lawyers will fight to defend your liberties and ensure extraneous penalties are not issued.
  • Our lawyers know the technical arguments (the need of the police officer to comply with formalities) and the non-technical arguments (an understanding of the roads, for example) that can help minimize your potential consequences.
Some reasons why your license can be suspended
  • If your driving violations total 12 points or more
  • Driving when your license is already suspended
  • A DUI or DWI
  • You’re at fault in a fatal auto accident
  • Failure to appear in court, failure to pay fines or surcharges, or failure to provide proof of insurance
  • Mental or physical disqualification
  • Reckless driving if the judge deems you a road hazard.
  • Vehicle abandonment on a public highway
Potential Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License

For each time you are caught driving with a suspended license in Monmouth County, the severity of consequences steadily increases. Here is what you can anticipate for a first, second, and third offense, according to New Jersey statute:

  • First Offense- You may receive a $500 fine and up to an additional six months of license suspension.
  • Second Offense- You may receive a $750 fine, up to an additional six months of license suspension, and a prison sentence up to five days.
  • Third Offense- You may receive a $1,000 fine, up to an additional six months of license suspensions, and a prison sentence up to 10 days.
  • For all suspension offenses there is a $250 surcharge, each year, for three years. There are also additional penalties if you were involved in an auto accident where someone else was injured or convicted for a DUI or DWI offense

If your license was suspended because of a DWI or other substance abuse, the associated consequences are more drastic. A first time DWI offense carries a three month suspension, added fines and penalties, up to 30 days in jail, community service and the need to use an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) . A second DWI offense means a loss of license for two years, more fines and penalties, jail time from 48 hours to 90 days, community service and an IID device requirement. A third DWI offense means a 10 year loss of license, 180 days in jail, fines and penalties, community service and an IID requirement.

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