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Municipal Court Matters

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Municipal courts in New Jersey handle crimes that are considered small-time, including traffic violations, domestic violence, assault, harassment, and drug possession. Although the system considers these matters relatively small, the penalties involved can sometimes be greater than those imposed in Superior Courts. Moreover, while the system may consider the crime at issue minor, enlisting a criminal defense attorney may be critical in warding off the prospect of having a criminal record and paying financial penalties. The Monmouth County municipal court lawyers at Goldstein Law Group may be able to help you obtain a better result than you would achieve on your own.

Consequences of Traffic Tickets in Municipal Court

Among the most common types of offenses that are handled in municipal courts are traffic violations. In New Jersey, driving is considered a privilege that can be suspended or revoked when you break a traffic law. Tickets can result in fines and even imprisonment, depending on the seriousness of your offense. New Jersey follows a point system whereby points are added to your driving record for moving violations. Different types of moving violations add varying amounts of points. For example, if you race on the highway, you will be assessed five points. For improper passing, you can be assessed four points. Two points are assessed for failure to stop at a traffic light or failure to stop at a stop sign. If you leave the scene of an accident in which personal injuries were sustained, you can be assessed eight points. A municipal court attorney in Monmouth County can help you try to keep your record as clean as possible.

Someone who accumulates six or more points on a driving record within a three-year period is assessed a surcharge of $150 plus $25 for each additional point beyond six points. Surcharges are owed on top of court fines and penalties and are billed annually for three years. Each time points or serious violations are added to your driving record, it will be reviewed to determine whether you will be assessed a surcharge.

If you fail to pay your surcharge, you will be sent a notice indicating suspension for non-payment. Surcharges remain debts to be paid even if you move out of state or fail to maintain the same address. Surcharges that remain unpaid can be subject to court proceedings that permit the state to collect the unpaid surcharges through an involuntary procedure.

Accumulating 12 or more points will lead to a license suspension. If your license is suspended, you cannot drive again until you restore your license and receive a written notice to that effect. Those who continue to drive on a suspended license face up to five years of imprisonment in jail.

Consult a Municipal Court Lawyer in Monmouth County

When you have been charged with a traffic violation or another offense, the Monmouth County municipal court attorneys at Goldstein Law Group can help. We have represented many individuals in communities such as Red Bank, Rumson, and East Brunswick. Our main office is located in Metuchen, New Jersey. Contact us at 732-967-6777 or via our online form for a Free 10 Minute Case Evaluation* with a traffic ticket attorney.

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