Client Testimonials

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At Goldstein Law Group, we take pride in our dedication to the goals of our clients. We understand that high-quality legal services goes beyond simply performing the legal services that are requested, and we take pride in that fact that our focus on aggressive representation on behalf of our clients sets us apart.

"Let's get straight to the point. My experiences with attorneys has been horrid at best. I've procured several attorneys in the past for various matters and the results were sub-par. They not only failed to preform their obligations as my attorney, but one even swindled the monies given to them in advance on good faith.
Upon retaining Mr. Goldstein, I explained my prior dealings with lawyers and he assured me that my experience with his law firm would not be the same. His law firm not only represented me in the utmost professional matter, but they were fair and accessible to me as needed.
Francine J. Galante, prepared my case brilliantly and Mr. Goldstein represented me himself in the court. A special thanks to Kacie Clarke for all of her assistance and preparation.
Everything was as discussed in consultation. I would recommend this firm to my family, friends and whoever has a legal matter pending. Finally, an attorney/firm with integrity!!"
- Edward

"If you are looking for strong representation, especially in high conflict cases, then look no further because you have found the right law group.
I had been divorced for several years when I retained Goldstein Law Group to represent me in seeking a modification to my custody and support order. At the time of my divorce, the combination of my emotional state and the weak representation from my former attorney led me to sign what was, for me, an unfair, unbalanced custody and support order that didn't benefit my children or myself in any way. Although the language of my order left the door open for me to have additional parenting time with my children, it was opposed by my ex-wife at every turn despite my persistent requests.
This led me to Mark Goldstein and Francine Galante. Mark listened to my story, reviewed my poorly written property settlement agreement from several years prior and solidly advised me on what I was in for. It was the fight of my life. He was honest with me about the time, energy and money that would be involved. I was given opportunities along the way to settle, which would have cut my legal expenses, but would not have given me the fair agreement I was seeking.
I spent 15 long months in litigation with my ex. As expected, she blocked every attempt at negotiation, despite being represented herself by an attorney, despite multiple rounds of mediation, despite telephone conferences with the judge, culminating in several days of testimony at a plenary hearing. Francine and Mark worked diligently on my behalf communicating with the opposing counsel, the mediator and the judge. I am happy to report that I was successful in my quest to obtain 50/50 shared residential custody of my children. My new order is fair, balanced and affords my children the opportunity to share equally in the love and affection of both parents.
The resultant financial aspects of the new order were fair and clearly written to avoid future misinterpretations. I cannot be happier with the outcome.
I never could have come this far without the strong representation by my attorneys Mark and Francine. They were there for me every step of the way. Was it expensive? Of course it was. Anyone who thinks that aggressive litigation is cheap is sadly mistaken. However, you get what you pay for. I learned that the hard way. I never could have come this far or attained this outcome by myself.
Don't make the same mistake. If you are faced with the need to hire an attorney to represent you in your divorce or custody case, you MUST do it right the first time. My only regret is not hiring Mark and Francine sooner."

- Nathan T.

Thank you so much for the help you and Steven gave to me...
It was handled with speed, accuracy and a level of comfort and compassion I have grown to know about you and your firm."

- Jane K.

"I am very happy with Ed and your entire staff. Ed was a rock for me and kept me cool. He was patient and always took time to clearly explain to me and calm me when I get crazy or ahead of myself."
- Wayne S.

"Great Job. Thanks for your help and expertise."
- Terry M.

"When you need a warrior to fight for your rights in family court, I highly recommend Mark Goldstein and his legal team. Two thumbs up! Thx Goldstein Law Group!"
- Mike