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A traffic violation can be expensive in New Jersey. Most people depend on their driver's license to be able to drive to school or work, and for those with a commercial driver's license, this privilege may be the key to their livelihood. New Jersey has a strict system of penalties in place to punish those who are caught committing traffic violations. If your license privileges have been suspended in another state that issued the license, you are also prohibited from driving here. An experienced criminal defense attorney at Goldstein Law Group can help you fight points on your record and other potential penalties. A Middlesex or Monmouth County traffic ticket lawyer can make a critical difference in your case.

Information on New Jersey Traffic Violations

Common traffic violations in New Jersey include speeding, DUI’s, reckless driving, careless driving, and driving with a suspended license. Regardless of the type of infraction, you have a right to defend yourself. Depending on the situation, the appropriate defense may include fighting a ticket or negotiating or pleading to a downgraded offense.

New Jersey follows a point system to penalize those who commit traffic violations. When drivers accumulate six points within three years, they may be fined a surcharge of $150. If they accumulate 12 points or more, their licenses are suspended. The point system also affects the cost of car insurance premiums, with a higher number of points resulting in higher insurance premiums. If you use your car to go to school or to work, it is important to minimize the number of points you accumulate. A traffic ticket attorney in Monmouth or Middlesex County can help you protect your rights.

A point schedule establishes the number of points that are imposed for various offenses. For example, if you move against traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, or the Atlantic City Expressway, you can be given two points. If you are caught improperly passing in the same locations, you can be given four points. An officer who finds that you are driving recklessly or tailgating on any road can give you five points. If you leave the scene of an accident on any road after causing a personal injury, you can be given eight points.

A suspended license means that a driver loses driving privileges for a certain time period. The state of New Jersey will restore your license after that period and after you meet any other necessary requirements to have your license reinstated. However, you will be considered a "habitual offender" if you accumulate three license suspensions in three years in New Jersey.

Most of the time, no jail time is imposed for a first conviction of driving on a suspended license. However, with a second conviction, the judge must sentence the driver to serve some jail time, and jail for up to 10 days is required if you are convicted for a third time. If you cause an injury while driving on a suspended license, you must be sentenced to a minimum of 45 days of jail, even if it is a first conviction. In addition to accumulating a certain number of points, certain traffic violations such as DUI, failing to appear in court, being found physically or mentally unfit to operate a motor vehicle, or failing to pay traffic ticket fines can result in suspension or revocation.

People with commercial driver's licenses, such as tractor-trailer or big rig drivers, face the loss of their livelihood when they commit certain traffic violations. You can lose your commercial driver's license for a year in New Jersey if you are convicted of driving with a BAC of .08% or higher, if you refuse to take a sobriety test when asked, if you are a hit and run driver, if you commit a felony with a vehicle, if you drive on a suspended, revoked, or canceled commercial driver's license, or if you drive negligently and cause a fatality. Other penalties are also likely to be assessed.

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