Restraining Orders

Obtaining a Restraining Order in New Jersey

If you believe that you are a domestic abuse victim, you may be able to file a restraining order in New Jersey with the assistance of a Monmouth County restraining order lawyer. Filing a temporary restraining order will prohibit the other party from making contact with you for a designated period of time, helping prevent behaviors that compromise your safety, such as:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse/violence
  • Sexual abuse/violence
  • Stalking
  • Physical and psychological threats
  • Harassment

After a temporary restraining order is issued, there will be a hearing in about two weeks to determine whether a permanent restraining order should be issued. This hearing provides the accused abuser the opportunity to make a case and attempt to clear his or her name. It is vital to have an experienced domestic abuse attorney from Goldstein Law Group by your side at this point to help sustain your domestic violence claim. Our restraining order lawyers vigorously advocate for Monmouth County residents and others.

Defending Against a Restraining Order

In a tense relationship, it is unfortunately fairly common for one party to make a false domestic abuse allegation and obtain a restraining order. Some people may falsely file for a restraining order to gain the upper hand in a divorce case, especially to obtain child custody. Others may falsely file a restraining order simply because they are so angry or unhappy with you. Regardless of the reason, a false accusation of domestic violence can have a long-term impact on your personal relationships and criminal record, and it can additionally tarnish your reputation.

When a temporary restraining order is issued against you, it is essential that you understand its terms and how a permanent restraining order will affect you. After receiving the restraining order, you will have less than two weeks to prepare a defense case, so you will need a NJ domestic abuse lawyers who will work aggressively to prove you were falsely accused. Upon receiving the temporary order, call the Monmouth County restraining order attorneys at Goldstein Law Group immediately to prepare your defense and clear your good name.

Why Should I Seek Legal Advice if a Restraining Order is Being Filed Against Me?
  • An attorney will help you understand and follow the terms of the restraining order.
  • Learn about how a restraining order will impact different aspects of your life.
  • Estranged couples may file a false claim of domestic abuse, and you will need a well-practiced attorney to make your case in court.
  • Reduce the potential damage a permanent restraining order can have on your financially and civilly.
  • Fight against lasting damage to your criminal record, and be provided the opportunity to clear your name.
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