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The attorneys at Goldstein Law Group have long been the champions of the parenting rights of parents who are undergoing divorce and are going through the process of determining child custody. Our dedication to pursue the best interests of our clients is an established fact in the legal community of Ocean County. Even the Superior Court of New Jersey has recognized our reputation in this matter. Our Ocean County child custody lawyers strive always to ensure that the outcome that will benefit the children and the parents is achieved. It is always our earnest wish that, due to whatever reason, the children of our clients are not left bereft of the parenting influence of their parent. Even if this means going to trial and fiercely defending the parenting rights of our clients in court. Child custody cases, by their very nature, are a sensitive aspect of the law. They require from the attorneys of the parties involved, an extensive experience with these matters and no small amount of tact. The ideal child custody case would be one in which the two parents readily come to an agreement about the parenting arrangement that they will follow, one that will benefit the children as well as their parents. Such cases do happen quite often. And nothing gladdens the heart more than a family that still remains at amiable terms even after the divorce of the parents. But in many cases the individual interests or compulsions of the parents clash and are at odds. This inadvertently results in a conflict that drags the process and forces both parties to go to trial. Although it is always the preference of our lawyers that an amicable agreement be reached between the two parents, such a resolution is not always possible. In the event of a trial the legal team you choose to represent you can make all the difference. With our extensive experience in child custody cases, proven track record and established reputation, we are the ideal choice to represent you in such a scenario. There are many factors that are considered by a judge while deciding the final ruling on a child custody case. Child custody does not simply end with the division of parenting time. It involves the decision of the court regarding child support payments to be paid by both parents. The issue of physical and legal custody is also decided. A brief summary of the chief elements involved in any child custody case is given below.

Determining Child Custody: A Complex Procedure

First and foremost is the issue of child custody. Awarding the custody of child to a parent is not some simple procedure. It requires a close analysis of the circumstances of the parents, the need and requirements of the children and their best interests. Child custody under New Jersey law constitutes two primary elements – Physical custody and Legal custody. Physical custody determines which parent the children will live with and legal custody decides the right of the parents to make decisions for the children. Based on what the court deems fit from the above considerations, the parents may opt for a sole physical custody, shared legal custody or a shared physical custody. It is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced Ocean County child custody attorney who can guide you through the process and offer his legal knowledge in making tough decisions.

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How Child Support is Calculated in Ocean County, NJ

The other important element of child custody cases is the determination of child support that is to be paid by each parent. Under New Jersey law, the child support is determined based on the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. They stipulate the exact factors that should be considered while determining the proper child support that each parent is liable to pay. Experienced child support attorneys are well versed in these guidelines and can help you come up with a child support plan that is suitable to the needs of your children.

Provision for Child Custody Modification Under New Jersey Law

As time passes and the children grow up, it is likely that due to the changed circumstances one or both parents will feel that a modification in the original child custody agreement is warranted. If both parents agree on this, then they can draw up a revised custody plan with the help of child custody lawyers in Ocean County, who can guide them on the proper legal procedure required for such an action. If, on the other hand, only one parent demands that the original agreement be modified then the matter goes to court and is decided based on a trial. The parent asking for the modification will be required to demonstrate that circumstances have indeed changed to a degree so as to warrant a modification in the custody agreement.

Child Custody Battle: Are you Prepared for it?

If in any of the points mentioned above, the parents fail to reach an agreement, then the matter goes to court. When a child custody case goes to trial it often results in an aggressively contested process. It requires the expertise and experience of a legal team that has extensively dealt with such cases. In child custody trials, a legal team that can prepare and present a sound case backed with logical arguments naturally has the upper hand.

Child Custody and Support Attorneys at Goldstein Law Group

The attorneys at Goldstein Law Group have successfully represented many clients in child custody cases and have come out on top. The secret to our success is a deep understanding of the dynamics of such cases and how the best outcome for our client and the children can be achieved. So if you require legal assistance in matters concerning child custody, then you are not likely to find a better child custody attorney than ours in Ocean County, New Jersey. We urge you to contact us at our offices in Ocean County and let us offer our legal expertise for you benefit.

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