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Ocean County Annulments

Marriage is not something that most people enter into lightly. That said, there is still the possibility that you may find yourself in a marriage that you need to get out of. In some cases, annulment is a better option than divorce. This could be due to religion, finances or simply to avoid the stigma that is often associated with divorce. Unlike a divorce, an annulment essentially reverses a marriage and makes it as though it never occurred.

Hiring an Ocean County annulment lawyer will provide you with protection of your rights throughout the process of seeking an annulment. Ending a marriage of any length can be emotional and it can be beneficial to have someone in your corner to present you with your options. The lawyer will assess your qualifications for an annulment during your first meeting in his or her law firm.

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Some of the reasons that a New Jersey court might issue an annulment would include:

Incapacity — In the state of New Jersey, it is not legal for any individual under the age of 18 to get married. A marriage of this nature would be subject to an annulment.

Bigamy — The act of bigamy is being married to more than one person at the same time. If one spouse did not realize the other spouse was married at the time of the new marriage, an Ocean County annulment attorney could help you ask the court to annul the marriage.

Duress — If one of the spouses was under duress at the time of the marriage, the court would consider granting an annulment. This might be the case if one spouse threatened to harm another or they felt that their life or the lives of their loved ones might be in danger if they did not marry the individual.

Incapacity — In a situation where one of the spouses does not understand that they are getting married or what the weight of getting married is at the time because they lack the mental capacity to do so, the court might grant an annulment. A good example of this is when one of the individuals has had too much to drink and marries while intoxicated.

Incest — In most cases where the spouses are blood relatives, an annulment lawyer in Ocean County can help them obtain an annulment.

Impotence — When one of the spouses is impotent at the time of the marriage and the other did not know it, the court may provide an annulment of marriage.

Fraud — If there is misrepresentation by either of the individuals at the time of the marriage, the court may approve an annulment of the marriage. This might include situations where one individual fails to inform the other that they have children, or that they are addicted to drugs or even that they want to get married to be able to stay in the country legally.

An annulment in New Jersey is attainable if you have good reason. If you are a resident of Ocean County, NJ, then making sure that you seek help from an annulment attorney in Ocean County may change how you get through the process as well as the outcome. Take the time to call the Law Offices of Goldstein Law Group in Ocean County, NJ today for help getting started.

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