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The Right Divorce Attorney in New Jersey Can Make All the Difference

Divorce is an ugly business. It disrupts your family and severs a relationship that was an integral part of your life. But as is evident from the statistics from across the country, when spouses grow apart, for whatever reason, it is the only course of action left.

Following your decision to end your marital ties and file for dissolution, the most important decision that you will make next is hiring the right New Jersey family law lawyer. Your choice in this regard can have inconvertible and far reaching repercussions into your future.

It becomes very difficult to recover from a bad separation, both personally and financially. It is essential that you choose a lawyer that will address all your concerns at every turn and will earnestly safeguard and protect your interests.

An attorney who is experienced and has expertise in the matters of marriage dissolution cases would be a good choice. If he belongs to a reputed law firm that has an established track record in cases involving family law then even better!

Such a firm will afford you the option of utilizing the substantial resources at their disposal, for your benefit.

But first you must be aware of the factors that are involved in your particular case and will determine the strategy that a family law lawyer in New Jersey will formulate.

Various Factors Affecting a New Jersey Divorce

Depending upon the particularities of your case, the law stipulates a number of considerations that must be taken into account. If you have children from your marriage, then the issue of child custody and support will have to be settled between you and your spouse.

Often both parents arrive at an amiable arrangement that works for everyone and thus the matter of physical and legal custody is resolved. In the absence of an agreement between the parents, the matter goes to court and is decided there.

The child support that is to be paid by each parent for the upbringing of their children is also determined by the court, in accordance with the NJ Child Support Guidelines.

Moreover, if you and your spouse possess substantial assets in the form of business holdings or real estate or any other financial assets then under the principle of equitable distribution this wealth must be fairly divided between you and your spouse.

These factors and many more make the proceedings a complex and overwhelming procedure. The guidance and counsel of the right attorney, who is adept at family law, can make all the difference.

New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at Goldstein Law Group

The attorneys at our firm have a long standing track record of helping the residents of New Jersey in navigating their divorce proceedings. We have an established reputation in matters of child custody and support.

Our senior partners have over half a century of experience of practicing law and have been the champions of our clients’ interests throughout all these years. Our zealous and tireless striving to achieve the results that our clients deserve is even recognized by the Superior Court of New Jersey.

The challenges engendered by the legal procedure governing divorce and child custody in NJ, are such that they necessitate the presence of an experienced and expert legal counsel at your side. Our firm prides itself in providing our clients exactly the kind of guidance and counsel that their particular situation demands.

Serving people throughout New Jersey, our enterprising family law attorneys have never failed in vigorously defending the interests of our clients in and outside court. Whether your situation requires the services of an expert child custody and support lawyer or with expertise in high net worth divorce cases, we are equipped to offer you the best legal representation.

Honesty and forthrightness have always been the cornerstones of our philosophy. We believe in being upfront with our clients about everything regarding their cases. If we feel that the expectations of the clients are unreasonable under the circumstances, we would rather tell that to the client straightaway than give them false hope or promises.

We fulfill all the criterion that may be set by any individual in choosing firm to represent his/her interests in a case. We have an array of resources at our disposal that we utilize for the benefit of our clients. We have an established track record of gaining the best possible outcomes for our clients.

A team of expert, experienced and highly professional attorneys will be standing in your corner if you choose us to represent you in your divorce proceedings.

If you are in need of legal counsel and representation, then we urge you to contact us and make an appointment to see us in one of our offices serving Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean County.

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