Marlboro Divorce

Marlboro, New Jersey is a township located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. In Marlboro there are specific criteria involving child custody laws, child support obligations and the division of marital property.

Child Custody Attorney

A child custody attorney can assist you when determining what is best for you and your child regarding child custody. In Marlboro, child custody is determined based on the physical, emotional, religious and everyday needs of the child. In addition, depending upon the age and maturity of the child, the wishes of the child are taken into account in determining who will gain child custody.

Child Support Attorney in Marlboro, NJ

Child support is sanctioned based on the child’s needs, standard of living, and liability of the child, health of the child and parents and the educational and employment background of each parent. A child support worksheet will be needed to determine the actual child support payment and a child support attorney can assist you with this.

Marlboro divorce records will be accessed as a major factor in determining how much child support will be required and these records can be retrieved at the Monmouth Courthouse. The latter is located at 71 Monument Park in Freehold. The Family Division can be found in the South Wing of the Courthouse.

Property Obtained during Marriage

In Marlboro, only property that has been purchased and owned during the duration of a marriage is counted as marital property and can be divided in the unfortunate event of a divorce; other assets, such as those which have been gifted, inherited or purchased before the marriage are not subject to division. Factors that can help divide the property as fairly as possible include income, length of marriage and each person’s standard of living.

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