Holmdel Divorce

Preparing for a Legal Consultation With a Family Law Attorney in Holmdel

Rated the #1 “Six-Figure Town” by both CNN and Money magazine in 2009, Holmdel Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is a picturesque community in easy commuting distance of New York City. The area is home to nearly 17,000 people and about 6,000 households. When matrimonial disputes occur, the services of a Holmdel divorce lawyer are needed. But it is advisable to first gather all information which can help you choose the right attorney.

Most people find it useful to gather information before actually meeting with an attorney. There is considerable information available whether a review of the conditions of a divorce settlement or guidelines on how to file for a divorce in Holmdel. Public divorce records for the township list dates, petitions filed during a divorce and reasons for the divorce, and can give directions for finding other information.

You can turn to the Monmouth County Superior Court to get a wealth of information about court proceedings in general and the legal process as it applies to Holmdel residents.

For example, there is a guide to filing for divorce in Holmdel and the Family Division section lists a wide array of services available to assist with issues of childcare. Having a better understanding of legal requirements will make the first meeting with a law firm more productive.

The Monmouth County Superior Court can be found at 71 Monmouth Park, Freehold NJ, 07728. You can call at 732 677-4300.

The Family Division of the Courthouse is located in the South Wing. For further information, you can call the Family Reception. The phone number is as follows: 732 677-4339.

Family Cases are managed by special Teams. The UIFSA Unit has to do with Child Support Cases. The Family Reception Unit deals with all applications with regard to Child Support, Domestic Violence, and Non-Dissolution modifications. What is more, 8 Family Court Judges have their 8 support Teams to assist them.

Child Custody and Spousal Support Lawyer

When minor children are involved in a Holmdel divorce or separation, it becomes all the more necessary to have an experienced child custody lawyer represent you in the court proceedings. The court makes custody decisions based on protecting the child’s best interests, usually favoring shared custody arrangements.

Support arrangements are based on many factors, including primary custody and incomes of the partners. A child custody and support attorney helps protect your interests during the legal deliberations of determining custody and support.

Property Distribution

Distribution of property in a Holmdel, NJ following a divorce is carried out as per the rules of equitable distribution. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, mediation may be imposed or the court may make final decisions. Legal representation by a qualified attorney can protect a person’s interests.

Residents of Holmdel who are currently involved in a divorce process or for whom divorce is on the horizon, should call the offices of Goldstein Law Group. We offer a free initial consultation with our attorneys where your case is discussed and your options are explored. With offices in both Old Bridge and Freehold, they are only a 20 min. drive away.

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