Divorce Tax Planning

Tax Planning Specifically During Divorce Proceedings

One of the most valuable services a divorce attorney can provide to a client is help separating the emotional aspects of divorce from the purely financial considerations that every person must address when negotiating a divorce agreement. A final divorce decree will include provisions regarding financial matters like division of property and obligations to pay child support or alimony — and the details of these decisions can have far-reaching tax consequences.

The New Jersey Law Firm of Goldstein Law Group

At Goldstein Law Group, our attorneys have built a strong reputation as aggressive advocates who provide practical advice about the financial consequences of every piece of the divorce agreement.

We consider it a central part of our responsibilities to our clients to provide solid answers to such important financial questions as:

  • What are the tax ramifications of assets a spouse may receive via the equitable distribution process?
  • Is it better for tax planning purposes to transfer an asset from one spouse to another or to offer the asset for sale?
  • How will income tax be affected by obligations like child support and alimony?
  • Can plans be made now, during the divorce process, that will help minimize estate taxes down the road?
Planning to Minimize Tax Liability During a Divorce

Clients of our law firm have the benefit of working directly with attorneys who have advanced training in the fields of accounting and tax law. Whenever necessary, especially in cases involving complex property division, we also enlist professional assistance from forensic accountants and financial planners.

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