New Jersey Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce? Our New Jersey Lawyers Want To Help

So, you’ve decided to end your legal union. Maybe you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have grown in different directions. Perhaps outside strains have taken a toll on your relationship. For whatever reason, those early days of matrimonial bliss have come to an end.

Now you have hired a New Jersey contested divorce lawyer and as a long-time New Jersey resident, you’re reasonably confident that you’ve got grounds for marriage dissolution. The legal papers have been written and you’re feeling a sense of relief now that your spouse has been served.

Maybe that’s not your story. Perhaps you’re the one who’s been served with the separation papers.

Whichever scenario more closely fits your situation, it is worth noting that the dissolution of a marriage almost never ends as cleanly as you would like. That’s why many break-ups start out as contested divorces.

What Is a Contested Divorce Anyway?

Immediately after a marriage ends, former partners can often only agree on one thing: they do not want to be together any longer.

Through his or her New Jersey contested divorce attorney, the person initiating the end of marital union lays out what they want in the divorce. It could be the house, the pets, or the kids. Anything’s game really.

Sometimes the spouse receiving the papers will sign and the process sails through. Other times the spouse doesn’t respond and the courts will treat that scenario like an uncontested proceeding.

Most of the time, however, the soon-to-be ex doesn’t agree to the terms and files a counter claim. When that happens you are dealing with a contested divorce.

Contested Divorces from Ocean County to Monmouth and Middlesex Counties

What happens during contested ending of marriage?

If you or your spouse has managed to file your counter claim on time, you’ll then be hiring a contested divorce lawyer in New Jersey to get what you deserve from the split. This will typically involve mediation, meetings, and court dates.

You might be picturing distraught couples and television trial scenes here, but rest assured that the vast majority of separation cases are settled outside of court.

What’s at Stake?

What it really comes down to is a fundamental disagreement on the terms of the split. Who gets the dogs? What about the house in Ocean County?

These are common hot-button issues whether you are seeking to dissolve your matrimonial union in Ocean, Monmouth, or Middlesex counties:

  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Division of Property, Marital Assets and Debts

What you need to focus on is hiring a capable contested divorce attorney in New Jersey with proven experience in family law. To see how we can help, call the legal offices of Goldstein Law Group today. We are expert attorneys that New Jersey residents can count on to get you through this trying time.

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