Child Support Modifications

Obtaining a NJ Child Support Modification

It is possible significant financial changes have arisen for you and/ or your ex-spouse since your divorce was finalized or since you separated from your child’s other parent, and that these changes make the terms of your current child support agreement unfair. If you are able to demonstrate these changes, you may be able to obtain a post-divorce child support modification. New Jersey also permits modifications of child support orders when the parents aren’t married if there is a change of circumstances.

If both you and your ex-spouse (or you and your the other parent) agree that child support modifications are needed, you may work together to arrange an adjusted child support payment agreement. Unfortunately, this situation is unlikely since the providing party may not want to contribute additional funds, while the reliant party may not want these funds taken away. In this case, it is vital to have an experienced NJ divorce lawyer from Goldstein Law Group to file your modification motion and fight for you in court.

Considerations for a Child Support Modification

New Jersey permits post-divorce modifications and post relationship breakup modifications because one or both parents’ lifestyles and circumstances may change dramatically in the years following a divorce (or a non-divorce parental breakup). When you are considering filing for a post-divorce (or a non-divorce breakup) child support modification, it is most important to consider what is in the best interest of the child.

The following are factors in showing a change in circumstances.
  • A change in income of either spouse/parent due to new or lost employment, pay raises or incomes losses, or a change in earning ability
  • A change in the assets of either spouse/parent beginning with the home(s) where the child lives
  • The needs of the child such as for dental or other medical care
  • A change in the health of a parent.
  • Is the child going to college or working after graduation from high school or after majority?
  • Marriage of the child


How is Goldstein Law Group Uniquely Qualified to Modify My Child Support Agreement?
  • Your Goldstein Law Group lawyer will help determine whether your situation makes you viable for a post-divorce or post-separation child support modification.
  • A New Jersey family law attorney can file a motion for child support modification.
  • An attorney can help ensure that your modification motion is properly drafted and demonstrates a significant change in income.
  • Your Goldstein Law Group family law lawyer will fight your case in court and help obtain the child support modifications that are most fair for present financial circumstances.
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If you are unable to make child support payments or believe you are entitled to a child support increase, the NJ family lawyers at Goldstein Law Group are here to help. We have more than 50 years of combined experience helping clients through divorce proceedings and obtaining post-divorce modifications and post-separation modifications. If your situation calls for child support modifications, please call us today at (732) 967-6777 or fill out our contact form to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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