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Woodbridge Divorce

What Divorce In Woodbridge NJ Entails

Dealing with the prospect of divorce is never easy. Even when the parting is amicable, there are details that must be settled. This is where the help of a qualified Woodbridge divorce lawyer becomes essential. Here are a few examples why professional legal representation is necessary.

Grounds for the Divorce

The courts in Woodbridge recognize grounds for divorce that fall into two categories. A ‘no-fault divorce’ is available for couples who feel they have grown apart over time and wish to end the union. In recent years, this has been the most common ground used in the state.

Then there is what is known as an ‘at-fault divorce’. An at-fault divorce may constitute grounds such as mental cruelty, the imprisonment of one spouse or desertion for long periods as sufficient reasons for ending the marriage. Addiction of a spouse can also be claimed as a viable reason to file for divorce.

Division of Property

Equitable division laws apply in every county of the state of New Jersey. As a Woodbridge divorce attorney can explain, the goal is to divide assets in a manner that is fair to both parties and not just divide the property in two equal portions. The legal counsel for each party will help their clients understand the factors that go into deciding how the assets are divided. In such cases the presence of a competent attorney with relevant experience at your side can help avoid pitfalls that can have disastrous consequences.

Some of the criteria that will apply to the property settlement include the length of the marriage, the current health of each party, and the financial circumstances of each spouse. If any type of prenuptial agreement is in place, the provisions of that document will also influence the division.

Advice from a Child Custody Lawyer

When children are involved, the attorney will advise the client of the options for arranging custody. One parent will provide the permanent home for the child, and is known as the custodial parent. The other parent will be designated as the non-custodial parent.

The parents may opt for a shared or joint custody arrangement. This means that both of them continue to have the ability to make legal and medical decisions for the child. An alternative is awarding sole custody to the custodial parent. Doing so places all decision making about the child in the care of that one parent.

A skilled divorce lawyer in Woodbridge can help ensure that a fair resolution to the child custody issue is reached and the parenting rights of one parent are not trampled in favor of the other.

What the Child Support Lawyer Brings to the Table

As your legal representative, a child support lawyer works towards the goal of ensuring that the non-custodial parent provides reasonable financial support to the custodial parent for the upbringing of the child. This is based on the income level of both parents. The arrangement can involve establishing the amount for monthly payments plus the expenses of providing health insurance for the minor.

The Right Law Firm

Serving people throughout the Woodbridge area, the divorce attorneys at Goldstein Law Group have the experience to ease the change in matrimonial status and to fight for the best interests of the client and child. For any family in Woodbridge that is facing the prospect of divorce, contact the firm’s law office located at 10 Amboy Ave Metuchen, NJ 08840. The contact phone number is (732) 967-6777.

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