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Over 16,000 people call South River home. This community in Middlesex County, New Jersey is considered an ideal place to live and raise a family. However, divorce rates remain just as alarming here as in the rest of the country. When problems in a marriage arise and you are contemplating breaking it off, there is a dire need to consult a competent South River divorce lawyer.

Requirements for a Divorce in South River

Specific requirements about residency and reasons must be met before a divorce will be granted in South River. The court in the county also has guidelines regarding alimony payments, division of property and custody of minor children. Working through the legal process requires expert counsel of a divorce attorney.

Child Custody and Support

When minor children are involved, it is particularly important to seek legal advice. In South River, the court considers it to be in the best interest of children to have both parents actively engaged in the custody agreement. Each parent should engage a South River divorce attorney from an experienced law firm to work through the initial custody and support process and any subsequent changes therein.

Marital Property Division

The court decides to divide property in a divorce or separation based on the principle of ‘Equitable distribution’. This principle entails consideration of factors such as length of marriage, financial status, contributions by each partner and matrimonial standard of living. Sometimes situations change, and there is a need to review existing conditions of a settlement.

All of these can be efficiently and successfully handled by experienced and competent divorce attorneys like ours. Serving people throughout the South River area, our divorce lawyers can help guide you through the tumultuous process of a divorce involving division of substantial marital estate.

Choose the Right Legal Representation

When filing a divorce in South River, you will eventually need to turn to the family division of the Middlesex County Superior Court. Make sure to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney and a law firm that is equipped and qualified to achieve the outcome you want.

The attorneys at our law firm protect your personal interests. We have been successfully representing clients in Divorce and family law matters for decades. Please visit the offices of Goldstein Law Group for a Free 10 Minute Case Evaluation* with a divorce attorney near South River regarding your divorce case.

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