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Sea Girt is a small borough that was formed from portions of Wall Township in 1917. In 2012, it appeared on Forbes Magazine's list of "America's Most Expensive Zip Codes." The median family income in 2006-2012, according to the American Community Survey, was $150,000. Whether you are planning to get married and want to get a prenuptial agreement, or you are planning to divorce, it is critical to retain an experienced Sea Girt family law lawyer. New Jersey divorce laws can be complex, and it is wise to seek legal counsel. Our attorneys understand issues such as how to protect property in case of a high net worth divorce. They can also provide sound counsel about how to come to an agreement with your spouse about who should have custody over the children and how much child support or alimony would be fair.

Protecting Your Interests During a Divorce

New Jersey has adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. Would-be spouses who have substantial assets or property or who expect to have them during the marriage may want to consider a prenuptial agreement. This is an agreement that typically includes provisions for property division and spousal support in case of a divorce. It may include provisions that specify what will remain separate property in case of a divorce. The couple may also contract as to each spouse's rights and obligations, specify the right to mortgage, control, or dispose of property during the marriage, and provide for ownership rights in a life insurance policy, among other things.

A valid prenuptial agreement is in writing. An oral agreement will be invalid. Each spouse's assets, liabilities, and income should be listed in a statement attached to the agreement, and both spouses need to sign the agreement. A prenuptial agreement cannot adversely affect the right to receive child support.

Many couples do not sign prenuptial agreements, and they may be involved in heated disputes over assets as they face the dissolution of the marriage. All assets and property must be characterized as either marital property or separate property. A Sea Girt family law attorney can explain how a certain asset is likely to be characterized.

Generally, what you bring into a marriage is separate property, and what you earn or acquire during a marriage is marital property. However, gifts or inheritances received during a marriage are separate property. Separate property can turn into marital property when it is commingled, or when marital funds or labor are used to enhance its value. For example, if you bought your home prior to the marriage, but your spouse uses his/her separate property to make some mortgage payments and repair the property, it can be more difficult to trace which portion of the property is separate property versus marital property.

Marital property is divided equitably in New Jersey. This means that it is divided according to what the court considers to be fair. However, what is equitable varies from marriage to marriage. When a couple owns a business, for example, it may be necessary for a divorce lawyer to retain a forensic accountant. The forensic accountant can value the business and project future profits. They may also value and project the value of any stocks or bonds, intellectual property, and goodwill of the business.

Municipal Court Representation

State and municipal laws are enforced in the Municipal Court of the Borough of Sea Girt. The most common offenses handled are traffic violations. There is a point system in New Jersey, and points are added to a person's driving record for each moving violation. Each moving violation is worth a certain number of points. For example, two points are given when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign, whereas eight points are given if you commit a hit and run involving an injured driver or passenger. It is important to take charges in Municipal Court seriously, even though the charges are non-indictable offenses.

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