Ocean County Alimony Reduction

Using a Lawyer to Help Reduce Alimony in Ocean County, New Jersey

After a divorce, it is common for one party to have to pay alimony or ‘spousal support’ to the other. This is so the individual can support themselves and maintain a reasonable standard of living should they have been formerly dependent on their partners earnings.

Alimony, however, is also subject to review and change pending a trial to ensure the situation remains fair to both parties. For those in the NJ area who think that their payments are too high or no longer required by their ex-husband or wife, you ought to first seek an Ocean County alimony lawyer who will help you in your case and could even eliminate the payments altogether.

Change in Circumstances

It can be very difficult sometimes to convince a court to reduce alimony payments. What you need to prove first is that there has been a change in circumstances. This could include:

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  • Job loss, a demotion or general wage deduction
  • Poor health or illness that prevents payment or makes it more difficult
  • The recipient of the alimony remarrying or cohabiting with another partner
  • Rise in income of the spouse receiving alimony
  • Becoming the recipient of a large inheritance

When it comes to reducing alimony, the courts can be very strict so it is important that any change of circumstances is significant and noteworthy.

If your ex-partner has remarried or is cohabiting with someone new then this will work in your favor. Remarriage of the spouse receiving payments in NJ automatically terminates any alimony agreements as it is deemed that the other individual should not have to financially support this new marital relationship.

However in cases where the new marriage fails, it is also permissible for the partner to petition the reinstatement of the old alimony, putting you back at square one. An Ocean County alimony attorney can help you address this situation.

Filing for Alimony Reduction

Once you file for alimony reduction, the court will thereby permit each spouse to conduct what is termed as ‘discovery’. This means each party can ask the other for information regarding their financial situation — this could include pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns.

Should the court believe that the motion to reduce alimony has merit, it will forward the case to a plenary hearing. This hearing is often just as long-winded as divorce cases themselves so you should be prepared to wait. Before filing a case and using an alimony lawyer in Ocean County to help reduce alimony, you should at least try to keep up payments as this will be viewed favorably by the court and demonstrate that you are acting in good faith.

Getting the Help You Need

Reducing alimony in NJ can be complicated and so it is extremely important to seek the necessary assistance from a divorce or family law attorney as the process will require legal expertise. Lawyers are generally well versed in technicalities and will assist you throughout the process of discovery and of course the trial itself.

The offices of Goldstein Law Group in Ocean County are sure to provide you with an excellent lawyer to help reduce alimony in NJ and are guaranteed to aid you in every possible way they can. So do not hesitate to contact us or visit our law offices today for legal counsel from an alimony attorney in Ocean County based on the facts of your particular case.

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