Jamesburg Divorce

Divorce proceedings involve complicated laws and complex judicial procedures. This holds true for Jamesburg, across New Jersey and throughout the United States. A person is best served engaging the professional services of an experienced Jamesburg divorce lawyer when facing marriage dissolution. It is also advisable to be familiar with some basic and essential aspects of the divorce law.

Property and Debt Division

Family law, as applicable in Jamesburg, determines the division of property and debt between divorcing spouses using the equitable division standard. It stipulates that a fair distribution does not simply mean an equal distribution but a division of assets in proportion to the needs and contributions of each party.

In equitable division of assets the circumstances, past and present, of both parties are also taken into account. Equitable division ensures that property and debt are divided in a fair and just manner between both parties. A Jamesburg divorce attorney can help you seek an appropriate division for you.

Child Custody Standard

The established standard for determining child custody under New Jersey Law is the best interest of the child. After closely inspecting all factors influencing the decision, the court will decide on a custodial arrangement that achieves the objective of preserving the best interests of the child.

Determining Child Support

New Jersey Family Law statutes provide guidelines to be used in determining the child support obligation of a non-custodial parent. At its foundation, the guidelines examine the income of both parents in making a basic computation of the child support amount to be paid. A divorce lawyer in Jamesburg can explain how the guidelines may apply to your case.

Middlesex County Superior Court Family Division

Divorces arising in Jamesburg are filed in the Middlesex County Superior Court Family Division. The Middlesex County Superior Court is located at 120 New Street in New Brunswick. A person contemplating divorce, or in the midst of a proceeding, best protects his or her legal interests by retaining a family lawyer from a reputable law firm such as Goldstein Law Group.

The law offices of Goldstein Law Group maintain a team of seasoned, tenacious attorneys with experience in all aspects of divorce proceedings. The closest office to Jamesburg can be found at 10 Amboy Ave Metuchen, NJ 08840; phone: 732-967-6777. Our divorce attorneys are ready to assist Jamesburg residents with protecting their future.

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