Rumson Divorce

Choose the Right Family Law Attorney in Rumson

Rumson, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is an upscale suburb of the metropolitan area of New York. Over 7,000 people call the community home.Naturally, in a community of this size, the services of a competent Rumson divorce lawyer, proficient in matters of family law, are indispensable.

Protect Your Rights with a Child Custody Lawyer

Legal divorce proceedings in Rumson become even more complicated when minor children are involved. In NJ, custody is based entirely on the best interests of children, and many factors affect the court decision, including family dynamics and continuity of education. A child custody attorney can help protect your parenting rights and ensure aggressive representation in legal proceedings.

Child Support Lawyer Assists Appropriate Support Decisions

Each Rumson child support award is based on specific facts of the case. The custody schedule and who has primary custody is important, as is the income of individual parties. For example, a parent who is the lower wage earner and the primary custodian will receive child support. A child support lawyer can help work through the legal complexities and ensure that if you are the paying parent, you don’t end up paying an unfair amount of money on child support. On the other hand, if you are the parent receiving child support, your Rumson divorce attorney can make sure that you receive the fair amount you are entitled to.

Equitable Distribution in a Rumson Divorce

Matrimonial property distribution follows equitable distribution rules of New Jersey, including consideration of health, age, and contributions to the marriage and earning capacity, custody arrangements and future medical and educational needs. An arbitrator can be involved in the discussions, or a judge can make the decision. An experienced law firm can provide counsel and direction.

Accessing Court Records

When specific conditions surrounding a divorce need review, a spouse can get Rumson divorce records about petitions entered and reasons for the divorce. The records might also point to other sources with additional information, which a divorce lawyer in Rumson can explore.

Superior Court in Monmouth County

The Monmouth Superior Court will give you specific information about legal requirements surrounding, for example, divorce proceedings and family law. You can find it at 71 Monmouth Park, Freehold NJ, 07728, and call at (732) 677-4300. The hours of operations are as follows: 8:30am – 4:30pm.

If you need to resolve disputes, assure litigant rights, act in the interest of your children to the best, turn to Monmouth County Family Division, which encompasses 11 different areas of divorce issues, including Domestic Violence, Child Support, Family Crisis, etc. The Family Division can be found in the South Wing of the Courthouse.

Dealing with a divorce and custody issues in Rumson can be stressful. Engaging professional legal assistance eases the burden. The law firm of Goldstein Law Group offers its services to anyone who seeks legal counsel and representation from a divorce attorney near Rumson. We have offices in Metuchen.

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