Manalapan Divorce

Child Custody and Property Division in a Manalapan Divorce

Manalapan, NJ is a township of nearly 40,000 that was formed in 1848 and whose name comes from the Lenape language, meaning a good land upon which to settle. The meaning still holds true in modern times; Money magazine once rated it as the East Coast’s second-hottest town. Its landmark is a battlefield from the Revolutionary War, the site of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse. In this thriving community there is a need, among other things, for an experienced Manalapan divorce lawyer.

Child Custody Lawyer in Manalapan

When a family splits in a divorce, one of the most difficult subjects is that of child custody and support. An attorney from our reputable law firm can ensure that the proper steps are taken and that vital information is understood in order to help you make the best decisions possible.An experienced divorce attorney representing you can prove to be an invaluable asset by virtue of his knowledge of the intricacies of local legal proceedings.

Property Division in Manalapan

Counsel from a divorce lawyer at Goldstein Law Group can also help you in matters of property distribution; division of property will not always be equal, but will be equitable. Some of the factors taken into consideration by the court include the ages and health of the parties, property or income brought into the marriage, economic situation of each party, debts, and any written matrimonial agreement. For the best outcome, informed legal advice from a Manalapan divorce attorney is essential.

Consulting A Child Support Attorney About Manalapan Divorce Records

Divorce records contain substantial information, and a family lawyer from our law office can help wade through complicated documents to find the desired data. The information ranges from birth dates to property details, special petitions to data on any children. The records can vary from those elsewhere in New Jersey, which can lead to confusion without expert assistance from a divorce lawyer in Manalapan.

Monmouth County Superior Court Information

With our divorce lawyer to represent and advise clients, navigating around the Monmouth Vicinage Superior Court is less daunting. Located at 71 Monument Park in Freehold, which is a short distance from Manalapan, the Courthouse, and particularly its Family Division in the South Wing, is dedicated in its goals of acting in children’s best interests and of dispute resolution.

An office of Goldstein Law Group is also conveniently located in Freehold, on 64 West Main Street. Visit us for a Free 10 Minute Case Evaluation* to discuss your case and the legal avenues available to you with a divorce attorney in the Manalapan area.

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