Howell Divorce

A Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests During Divorce in Howell NJ

The township of Howell in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is home to over 50,000 people and more than 17,000 households. Residents of Howell enjoy a comfortable country lifestyle. However,due to a high divorce rate many residents of the township may end up needing the services of a competent Howell divorce lawyer.

Need for a Child Custody Lawyer

In Howell, custody decisions are taken with the best interests of children in mind and usually involve shared or joint custody arrangements. The court considers many factors, from relationships to fitness and stability of partners while deciding on awarding custody. It is useful to engage the assistance of an experienced child custody attorney to represent the interests of both parent and children.

Protecting Your Interests with a Child Support Lawyer

A child support lawyer can help a parent work through the legal complexities of obtaining a fair child support award. The court considers many factors, including who has primary custody and the incomes of the parties involved. The parent with the lower income who is also the primary custodian, for example, will typically receive support.

The non custodial parent can in turn make sure, with the help of a child support attorney, that an unreasonable support arrangement is not forced on him or her.

Distribution of Matrimonial Property

In Howell, NJ, family property distribution follows rules of equitable distribution. Many factors are involved, from age and health to custody arrangements and income. If the parties are unable to resolve issues, an arbitrator can be appointed to help both parties reach an agreement or the court can make final decisions. A knowledgeable law firm like ours can provide useful guidance in such situations.

Resolving divorce and family issues in Howell can be complicated and is certainly stressful. Legal representation from Goldstein Law Group attorneys can help smooth the process.

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