New Jersey High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce In Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex County

The New Jersey divorce law is complex; married couples or partners with substantial assets who are considering ending the marriage should seek advice from the best New Jersey high net worth divorce lawyers. Couples who have no prenuptial agreement must find a fair way of distributing marital assets to avoid a long drawn out trial in the NJ court.

Parties involved in marriage dissolutions should ensure that their personal assets, pensions, tax liabilities, and business assets are split equally, and an expert legal counsel who specializes in matrimonial law is the best person to turn to.

Every case is unique, so those asset-rich couples who are filing for marital dissolution must take certain factors into account.

Property Portfolio Distribution

An accomplished attorney will discuss real estate holdings. Many couples have multiple residences; hence, the marital property portfolio could include investment property and vacation homes. Hire the right lawyer in Ocean County and they will value and distribute the marital property fairly.

Business Assets

High net worth couples who own businesses in Middlesex County should consult a leading New Jersey high net worth divorce attorney who will value the business as it stands and project future profits. When they are about to enter the divorce court, they may need to enlist the help of lawyers, who will in turn enlist the help of a forensic accountant. Forensic accounting can unearth all other income that may have been transferred, deferred, or hidden.

Distribution of Bonds and Stocks

Ending the matrimonial union permanently often includes valuing and projecting the future value of bonds and stocks. A top NJ lawyer who works for a leading legal firm in Monmouth County will be fully conversant with family law. Leading attorneys protect and divide assets to ensure that both parties are secure after divorcing.


Matrimonial legal rules are complex, but new tax rules in New Jersey have further complicated separation. High-income partners that consult with the best high net worth divorce lawyer in New Jersey will learn the importance of forward planning to avoid tax exposure. It will be ensured that all financial details are analyzed by experts.

Is that Prenuptial Agreement Even Worth the Paper it is Written On?

Solicitors will review prenuptial and post-nuptial documents. Divorce can be costly for people with wealth especially when a percentage of binding agreements drawn-up before marriage are no longer recognized under current legislation. The attorney will examine the documents to ascertain if the content is still relevant.

A knowledgeable lawyer will protect your interests so that you can look forward to a financially secure future. The trusted attorneys at Goldstein Law Group have a wealth of experience in dealing with asset-rich divorces and they offer the necessary expertise in family and matrimonial law. Call their law offices today to protect your best interests by setting up a consultation with a high net worth divorce attorney in New Jersey.

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