Colts Neck Divorce

What Future Divorcees in Colts Neck Should Know

Colts Neck is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and is within the New York metropolitan area. Residents appreciate the open space, proximity to the Jersey shore, and a reasonable commuting distance to New York City. Living in the neighborhood is pleasant. But like most communities in the country, the high divorce rate in the area necessitates the counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer in Colts Neck.

Child Custody and Support in Colts Neck

Legal counsel is very important when minor children are involved in a separation or divorce. In Colts Neck, courts encourage both parents to be actively engaged in the lives of any children. A shared, joint custody arrangement is often considered best for the child.

Child custody arrangements in Colts Neck will depend on the specific needs of the parties. Considerations include relationships, the fitness of each parent and stability of the home environment. If the custody of the children is contested between the parents then it is advisable to seek the counsel of an experienced child custody lawyer.

The child custody attorneys at Goldstein Law Group are well equipped to handle such cases. With decades of experience behind them, our attorneys have an established track record for gaining the best possible resolutions for our clients.

Additionally, our lawyers can make sure that when it comes to child support, neither party is taken advantage of. Whether you give or receive child support payments, our child support attorneys ensure that the arrangement is reasonable and fair to you.

Property Division in Colts Neck

Division of property following a divorce or separation in Colts Neck is based on equitable and fair, although not necessarily equal, distribution. The court looks at various factors, including marriage duration, contributions to the marriage, matrimonial economic circumstances and standard of living before deciding on the exact division of assets.

Choosing Legal Representatives for a Divorce in Colts Neck

Engaging a reputable law firm is the best way to represent and protect your personal interests in a divorce. Residents of Colts Neck have convenient access to counsel for divorce and family law through the law offices of Goldstein Law Group.

Our office is only a short 8 miles away in Freeport. All it takes is a call from you to set up a meeting with our attorneys for an initial and free consultation to discuss your case.

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