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Monmouth County Attorneys for Commercial Transactions and Litigation

At Goldstein Law Group, our Monmouth County business lawyers handle transactions and litigation for small and medium-sized companies, including franchise operators, hotels, financial institutions, and doctors. We can help enterprises protect their commercial interests, keeping in mind the possibility of future disputes. Whether you are starting a new entity or hoping your existing business will grow, we can handle the legal concerns related to starting or operating it, so that you can focus on your daily operations and long-term growth. We also can assist people who need a family law attorney or guidance in a criminal defense, real estate, estate planning, or civil litigation matter.

Forming and Operating a New Jersey Business

We handle formation, financing, and the daily operations of small and medium-sized businesses operating in New Jersey. This may include drafting and filing the paperwork to create the desired business form, selling or buying a business, drafting partnership or shareholder agreements, planning business succession, handling partnership or shareholder disputes, drafting and reviewing contracts, handling real estate transactions or litigation, and terminating a business through voluntary dissolution. When forming a business, one of the first things you will need to consider is what legal form or structure your entity will take. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to forming and maintaining a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or limited liability partnership (LLP). Each structure has different liability and tax consequences. In some cases, a sole proprietorship or non-profit form may be most advantageous for the type of business you want to build. Whichever structure you choose determines what paperwork you will need to file with the state of New Jersey. We can help you determine which form is logical for you, considering your objectives and financial goals.

Regardless of structure, all businesses must decide what name they will use for transactions. They must register with the state to obtain an appropriate tax identification number, as well as permits or licenses. Potential taxes that may need to be paid include sales tax, use tax, income tax withholding, and unemployment insurance tax.

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

As businesses grow, they may be threatened by litigation from outside forces (such as suppliers, competitors, or customers), or they may be threatened by internal challenges, like management or shareholder disagreements. A strong partnership or shareholder agreement can ensure that any disputes are resolved expeditiously and in a cost-efficient manner.

While business partners cannot guard against every contingency, they can limit the escalation of litigation in many circumstances by retaining an attorney to develop a strong, fair agreement. Protracted litigation among partners or shareholders can be extremely expensive, and it can even render a business insolvent. The business attorneys at our Monmouth County firm provide sound counsel to small- and medium-sized companies that help them grow.

Shareholder Oppression

In closely held New Jersey corporations with 25 or fewer shareholders, there is a dissolution remedy when directors of the corporation have acted illegally or fraudulently, mismanaged the business, or abused their authority towards a minority shareholder. Under New Jersey law, minority shareholders are recognized to have a special vulnerability. The majority shareholders owe fiduciary duties to those with minority interests to demonstrate good faith and loyalty in handling corporate affairs.

If you are a minority shareholder who cannot resolve differences with your partners, or if you are a majority shareholder uncertain of your obligations, we can help you handle a potential or existing dispute. There are a wide variety of remedies available, including a buyout or the appointment of a provisional director.

Consult a Business Lawyer in Monmouth County for a Legal Matter

The attorneys at Goldstein Law Group have represented many entities in commercial transactions and litigation. We understand the hard work our clients put into their businesses and strive to obtain a favorable outcome for them in each transaction or dispute. Contact us at (732) 967-6777 or via our online form to set up an appointment. Our Monmouth County business attorneys have advised on the formation and operation of enterprises in New Brunswick, Freehold, and Manalapan, among other areas. Our attorneys also are available to people who need a divorce lawyer or assistance with a wide range of other family law, estate planning, real estate, criminal defense, and civil litigation matters.

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